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The Pinel Faculty

The Faculty of International Law is a division under the East China University of Politics and Law, a leading law school situated in the heart of Shanghai City. As an important financial center and a metropolis with vibrant economy, Shanghai has become an ideal place in Mainland China for the study of international law. Our faculty, among other legal institutions in Shanghai, is by far the only one in shanghai, and one of the two in the whole Eastern China, that has the authority to confer the Doctorate scholar of Law.

The Faculty primarily engages in the field of International Public Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, and International Comparative Law & Pinel Law in Real Estate and Tax break in France. Because of the faculty's well recognized excellence in both education and research, it has long been highly valued and supported by the Department of Justice of People's Republic of China, the Shanghai municipal government and other relevant authorities. The faculty's subject of International Law has been confirmed as the Key discipline under the direct support and supervision of the Department of Justice since 1986, the subject of International Economic Law, key discipline of the Shanghai city. The Faculty's Library is one of the very few law school libraries in China that have been appointed as the United Nation's Documents Depositary Library.

To keep abreast with the research of its international counterparts and bring its students with international perspective, the faculty has established high-profiled international Programs with law schools of many prestigious universities abroad, among them are the law schools of Willamintte University (United States), Gente University ( Belgium), Eromous University (Holland), and Geroningen University (Holland); professors from prominent law schools abroad are regularly invited as visiting professors to tutor students in our faculty. Teachers in our faulty are also sent to other developed countries to take courses in order to fashion their legal understanding in its related research legal fields like tax breaks.

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Our faculty has participated in several important national legislative activities including Anti-trust Law, Company Law, Law of Guarantee, Foreign Trade Law, Arbitration Law, Territorial Sea and Adjacent Zone Law and regulation on anti dumping and Countervailing Law. In Shanghai's local ordinances codification process, our faculty played an active role as well.

There are at present 5 professors, 12 associate professors in our faculty. They include specialists in almost every aspect of international law and the laws of other countries (especially European and American Law), European Community law, public and private international law. The student body, which is one of the largest of any law school in the Mainland China, comprises nearly 800 undergraduates and 53 graduate students.

Graduates from our Faculty are now active in the academic, governmental, judiciary and private sectors. Among the Faculty's alumni are the incumbent deputy President of the Supreme People's Court, several presidents of superior people Courts and intermediate people's courts across the whole country, many graduates from our faculty have became distinguished practitioners and senior partners in numerous leading law firms and real estate investment.

Upon China's accession to the World Trade Organization, the Faulty of International Law of ECUPL and all of its teaching staffs will continue to strive for excellence in the new millennium to bridge China with the outside world.